First of all, I’d like to say Fuck Facebook and Fuck Buzzfeed for banning both of my posts on this subject. There was no hate speech, there was only truth. You can decide yourself as I write it out again for the third time.

New Zealand’s Flag Vote Was Decided By White Privilege

In March 2016, New Zealand held a national referendum vote to choose a new national flag or to keep the existing colonial flag. The European settler population took the opportunity to exercise their power of White Privilege to hold on to their symbol of colonisation.

You may or may not agree with what I have just stated but I will leave you with something to think about. Can you say 100% of the non Indigenous population voted to keep the flag? The answer to that is a big No. The main driver of the Referendum was the non-Indigenous Prime Minister. Now can you say 100% of the Indigenous population wanted to see a change to the flag? Yes, YES, YES!!

Okay, if you’re white and still shaking your head and saying no, No, No this was a fine example of democracy, you can stop reading now. What I have written may sink in later, maybe never. You could share this and ask your friends to explain but I think your white privilege will most likely decide what you do.

Open minded white people and my Indigenous Brothers and Sisters, please read on.

So we have 100% of New Zealand’s Indigenous population voting for change and they were even supported by a percentage of the European settler population but at the end of the day a larger force stopped any changes being made. This larger force is the European settler population who don’t don’t feel comfortable about stepping away from their colonial ties. The European Settler population far outweighs any other population due to frontier violence and Systematic racist immigration policies of the past. #WhitePrivelege

Now, why might so many of these European settlers not be comfortable with dropping their colonial ties?? The answer is simple and it is relevant to New Zealand and Australia.

Both nations thrive on the oppression of the Indigenous population. Both nations actively ignore the sovereign rights of Indigenous people. Both nations try hard to silence or ignore demands of equality. #WhitePrivilege

European Settlers see any change of a flag to be more inclusive or more reflective of the Indigenous population as a possible threat to their comfortable position their constructed society holds them in. No change will come from within a system that was set up by and dominated in sheer numbers by European settlers. Don’t you dare try to call it democracy!

After decades of belief that the system can be changed from within its time to start thinking of alternatives. 2 years ago I started the movement called Blackfulla Revolution and it is about to reach 100,000 supporters. My dream is for Indigenous Independence! European settlers are welcome if the can show respect, but the must realise that our lore of the land comes before any other. I also dream of completely independent Pacific Union of indigenous nations. We have enough knowledge to be free from colonial powers and t the same time we will be leading the world back on a path to sustainability.



New Zealands Flag Vote Decided By White Privilege